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Equipment Hire Ordering, Calibration Certificates & Safe Operation


Web application designed to provide public corporate website and a client area to streamline the ordering of offshore hire equipment. The public website contains content managed text sections with push/pull news registration and publication. The design is based on the ‘value in a box’ idea which inspired the animated cubes on the homepage.

The client area features a secure login. Customer user accounts are fully managed via the application. Users are grouped by client corporation. Client corporations are also managed via the application. Orders must be approved by third party managers before being sent for picking and fulfilment. Equipment is requisitioned from searchable client specific lists of equipment. Duration of hire is captured along with required dates for delivery on site. Consumable items are also available for selection, but without a duration. Order details are stored, editable and can be resubmitted to approvers, with copies to requisitioners as required. Orders can be copied into originators for checking.

Further features include POA – Price on Application – which routes orders via a price update process before being sent for approval. Similarly, if an item of equipment is not found, the order is sent for update in the first instance.

Customer Specific Offshore Hire Equipment

Customer equipment calibration certification and safe operating instructions are also provided as part of the secure area. These are updated automatically as part of a process which synchronises the online information with remote warehouse certification systems.

Continuous Improvement

There is also a detailed review facility for capturing customer feedback as part of an ongoing programme of continuous improvement.