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Web Application for Online and Printed Publications


An application for publications which require secure online subscriber access to restricted content.

New subscribers can signup in realtime for access to restricted articles. Payments can be taken online via WorldPay, PayPal or any other payment provider. Various subscription types are available, from single article access, hard copy only by mail, full online access for individuals or Multiple FTE institutional level access.

Users are able to manage their own account details and reset forgotten passwords. There is also a comprehensive backend for user account management and general content management.

A search facility is provided which includes searches of subscriber restricted content for non-authorised users. This is indexed and stored in optimised relational databases for fast retrieval. Restricted content access either via search, or directly, requires an active subscriber account.

Peer Review Journal

The Journal of Heart Valve Disease is a peer review journal and has been using the CHP online publication application since 2013. The number of subscribers has seen a steady increase.

The online publication application provides easy input of articles grouped as issues.

The backend administration area of the application provides a function for the addition of advertising banners. Number of impressions and number of clicks are tracked. The display of the advertisements can be set to stop automatically when a certain number of clicks or impressions is reached.

A function exists for issues to be exported in xml for the Pubmed citation service.