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Independent School Branding


CHP design were asked to help with the branding for one of the oldest independent schools in the country.

Sutton Valence School Logo – independent school branding – CHP DesignBranding for Sutton Valence School

Founded in 1576 by William Lambe, Sutton Valence School comprises of two schools educating boys and girls from 3 – 18 years of age. A senior school and a preparatory school, on two separate sites covering a total of around 250 acres.

The school is continually reconnecting with various audiences. Parents, Pupils, Staff and the local community – plus a very strong and engaged alumni. To communicate a modern, vibrant, united organisation with a long and proud tradition of providing excellent education. Originally a boarding school for boys, it’s offering is now co-educational and boarding is very flexible.

A large investment programme has resulted in new top class facilities:

  • Indoor 6 lane 25m swimming pool opened by Karen Pickering MBE;
  • State of the art theatre opened by Dame Judi Dench; and
  • Olympic standard Track and Field facility opened by Sir Roger Bannister.

Sutton Valence School Coat of Arms – independent school branding – CHP DesignInformative and Consistent

Having created new imagery including the logo, the new items must work alongside traditional imagery. CHP designed a strategic and consistent application across all areas of school collateral including:

  • Stationery;
  • Prospectus – Preparatory, Senior School, Boarding and VI form;
  • Website;
  • Advertising;
  • Publications – newsletter, calendars, ;
  • Exhibition stand and display;
  • Signage; and
  • Vehicles.

The concept of ‘looking to the future, with a keen eye on tradition’ appears throughout with the modern logo always appearing top right with the traditional coat of arms bottom left. The school coat of arms needed to be fully re-worked digitally from hard copies.

Sutton Valence School Stationery, Newsletter & ads – independent school branding – CHP Design

School Website

A new Content Management System was developed to provide devolved contribution of content from department heads, specialist subject teachers and pupils. There are three levels of users:

  • A central administrative user able to manage all users and content;
  • Publisher level users, able to edit and publish sections/pages assigned to them; and
  • Contributor level users, able to submit content to sections/pages assigned to them. The publisher level user is informed when contributors submit.

In the above structure with multiple content sources and devolved responsibility, the website content remains vibrant and fresh. The system informs page owners when content hasn’t been updated for some time. They can then revisit and refresh as required.

With it’s long history the school also has an archive of magazines dating back to 1823. These are in the process of being digitised and added to the website in pdf form. The archive can then be listed by date and/or articles searched for by key words.

CHP also provide SEO and SEM.

Usage Reporting

There is a comprehensive set of screens for reporting usage. This includes number of application form submissions and easy export of data for admissions systems.

Online Payments

For convenience, the website is integrated with WorldPay for online payments by credit/debit card. This includes all fees starting with pupil registration.

Sutton Valence School Prospectus

The prospectus is a important part of the admissions process. It must be an authoritative document which is also friendly. For Sutton Valence, CHP proposed a landscape design so that we could feature the wonderful location of the school and also it\’s superb facilities.


Independent School Branded Vehicle Livery

Each away match or any school excursion is a moving advertisement for the school. Vehicle livery is therefore very important for external audiences. It also helps with the sense of identity for internal audiences.

Sutton Valence School Vehicle Livery – independent school branding – CHP Design
Sutton Valence School Vehicle Livery – independent school branding – CHP Design