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Hedge Fund Branding for Solent Capital


Hedge Fund Branding for Solent CapitalCHP Design created the identity and branding for Solent Capital, a new hedge fund. Our task was to create the hedge fund branding and apply it to stationery, both printed and digital. Having quickly agreed on the name ‘Solent Capital’, the proposed corporate identity utilised a spinnaker sail in the design.

Why a spinnaker? The new fund specialises in structured credit fund management. Credit based investments are seen traditionally as lower risk and therefore returns can be lower, but more predictable. The fund’s strategic message is therefore of an innovative approach to investing in low risk, predictable markets. The key message is of increased performance and returns without losing the traditional safety of lower risk exposure. A spinnaker increases performance in light winds. The first ever suggested use of a spinnaker was in the Solent.

Hedge Fund Trade Mark Registration

Having agreed the logo design CHP registered Solent as a Trade Mark in the UK, the European Community and in the USA.

Hedge Fund Website Branding

We were also asked to advise on the website branding for Solent. The rules for hedge fund websites are restricted by the FCA. Services can’t be sold to the general public, only experienced market counterparties. There are also regulatory restrictions in the USA. Any visitors from the USA need to be registered before access. All public website facing pages therefore require special geolocation disclaimers and login credentials for visitors from the USA.

Investor Restricted Area

Investors have access to a secure extranet for private information. There is a generic page for market commentaries and fund performance overviews. Investor specific information is also provided including performance data and investment Net Asset Value (NAV) in tabulated and graphical form.

Synchronisation with Back Office Systems

Working closely with the technical team at Solent, CHP developed an automated process  means of updating the website with trading system and backoffice data. The updates are secure and can be made as often as required.