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Asset Manager and Hedge Fund Applications

CHP Design developed a web application for asset managers and hedge funds to provide secure real-time management of public and restricted access to content. The first version of this went live in 2001 and it has been continuously improved since then.

The system administrator has the facility to control access for all levels of users. Content can be generated from low authority users and sent for approval before publication. Public users can be required to accept disclaimers before entering the website.

Price sensitive information

Exchanges require price sensitive information to be published and registered users informed immediately. The system includes a push – pull news registration for investor relations. In this way, registered users are automatically informed by email when news is published. All news is also displayed in date order for browsing on the website.

Investor NAV

There is a secure login to restricted pages for investor specific NAV, statements, graphs and market commentary text, video or audio. Pages are served via port 443 using SSL with a security certificate.

The application is designed to synchronise automatically with back office systems. We have developed a secure method of easily updating the website with data as frequently as required.