Web design agency asks, How Secure is your Website?

As a web design agency, at CHP we are constantly monitoring and working to maximise security on the services we provide. With the recent well publicised security breach at a well known ISP in the UK, plus the on going threats from various sources, just how secure is your website?

Do you access your CMS via an encrypted connection?

Using https is advisable, especially if you use public wifi networks for access. CHP provide installation of security certificates and secure socket layer (SSL) access. The issue is that plain old http sends text unencrypted, so anyone who sees your traffic in between browser and server may see your password in plain text.

Are your passwords stored in an encrypted form?

Sensitive data should never be stored in plain text. If you’re storing credit card information then specialist encryption techniques should be utilised. If your database is compromised it’s not a good scenario,  but it needn’t be a complete disaster.

Do you use open source systems?

The issue here is that hackers can see all of your security processes because they are ‘open source’. If the system is one of the mainstream CMS’s then keeping it updated with the latest patches and plugins is important at all times. But hacks aren’t always discovered immediately. Where possible implement bespoke security which is not open source, this will make exploits harder. Also perform regular virus scans, preferably with real-time file upload analysis, and regularly update the definitions.

Does your Web Design Agency offer proper Disaster Recovery?

Complete security is not realistic, new methods of compromising websites and servers are continually being created. What will you do if your site is compromised? The key is to be prepared and have a failsafe/fallback position. For peace of mind keep regular remote backups.

CHP can help with all of the above, please contact us for more information.