Data Visualisation for the UK Automotive Sector

Raw data is cold and shapeless. CHP Design work extensively with Hedge Funds and Asset Managers who often require visual representations of data for investors. Interactive graphs provide immediate insight into trends with high and low values over time.

Interactive Graphs

Building on experience with graphs for investor information, CHP are helping the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) to visualise their data. The SMMT are one of the largest and most influential trade associations in the UK. Its resources, reputation and unrivalled automotive data place it at the heart of the UK automotive industry. The motor sector is of high importance to the UK economy consequently there is a wide potential audience and user base.

Interactive Graphs for UK automotive sector – Car Registrations By Fuel Type to Oct 17The graphs provide various interactive options to easily change between data sets, date range and/or toggle graphs shown without refreshing the page. Visually, they work within the existing corporate branding and technically, they function within existing website.

Data functions are designed for real-time display hence data can be updated as regularly as required. The update process is simple and quick with preview/publish/rollback options for maximum flexibility. CHP created a structure for the data to facilitate the addition of new graphs in the future.

One of the target audiences for the graphs is journalists. There is a facility to easily export the current graph selection as a picture for publications.

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