Design and build – a web application to collect and code (SOC2000) lifetime job histories

CHP Design have been working with academic researchers and health professionals at Imperial College London to create a web application. It collects and codes lifetime job histories in large population-based epidemiological studies. The system presents results as UK SOC 2000 codes, or equivalent ISCO-88. These are government standard codes which uniquely identify any occupation.

The application is called OSCAR (Occupational self-coding automatic recording ).

User Experience and User Interface

The key for any such application is ease of use. Therefore, where possible, the user interface has web standard graphics and colours to conform to basic user expectations and provide a comfortable and familiar experience. The design minimises the required interaction for users to submit their lifetime job histories by providing an easy to use interactive graphical navigation tool. As a result the number of clicks required to select any possible job is three. A table containing the lifetime history updates as the user interacts with the application. Extensive real-time on screen validation is provided.

Study owners invite participants with a unique link to their study and are provided with a secure method to retrieve their participant information. Study owners can also link the Oscar generated data with their existing data. Therefore, with the appropriate permissions from participants, study owners include a unique pseudonymised idenitifier per participant in the participant invitation. This is returned with the job codes.


We worked closely with Imperial College to ensure that the application is GDPR compliant. Consequently the data is:

  • captured, stored and retrieved anonymously. From within OSCAR there is no way to identify subject;
  • submitted and stored securely on private, dedicated servers; and
  • physically deleted at the end of the term of the study.


If you would like any further information, or for a demonstration, please contact CHP.